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How to Shop for Groceries San Francisco

Intro: How to Shop for Groceries (San Francisco) This is a beginner’s guide to shopping and schlepping groceries locally in San Francisco.

Once you’ve found your local stores, START SHOPPING.

Now that you have the right gear, it’ll be easy for you to stop by the stores on your way home from work or after you pick up your kids from school. Keep your big shopping

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trip on the weekend for staples, but try stopping by stores on your way home for produce and other spoilables during the week. This can keep your meals fresher and your weekend shopping less gargantuan. You weekendshoppers will be surprised by how wonderfully empty a market can feel the rest of the week.

Making a list before you go can help ensure you get everything you need. That way you won’t be that nutter crying out “Butter!” on the

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way home because you forgot to get some. Be flexible though you might arrive at a store to find that the pears are much more delicious looking than the apples that were on your list.

And keep your mode of transportation in mind while shopping. Don’t

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buy that case of Hansen’s soda just because on it’s on sale if you’re walking home up hill with your

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groceries in hand. Thar’s a job for a Granny Cart or bike basket.

When you’re checking out, just say, “I have my own bags.” Some stores will give you a discount, or maybe just a smile. This is also a good time to ask about a new product you’d like to see available or who that cute kid is in the photo taped to the cash register.

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